• pest-stop-common-house-fly

    Bathroom and Kitchen Flies

    Ever wondered why there are flies in your bathrooms or kitchen? They’re not there just to annoy you and they can be easily removed. The flies [...]
  • chuck-sullivan-pest-stop-bird-friend-or-foe

    Birds: Friend or Foe?

    Although birds are beautiful, magnificent creatures, they can do some not so beautiful damage to your property. We’ve all heard of those funny [...]
  • Chuck and Billy

    COVID-19 Measures

    With all the news about COVID-19, we wanted to inform you of our efforts to protect you, your family, and our staff. First and foremost, our [...]
  • 903A0457

    Introducing Billy

    Billy Olesen is not just a man of vision, but also a man of action. As Operations Manager and fourth generation Pest Control Specialist here at [...]
  • pest-stop-stinging-insects-wasps

    Stinging Insects

    It’s an early night and a young couple are lying in bed, when both start to point out a humming sound. They each climb out of bed and scan the [...]
  • 903A0414-2

    Introducing Julie

    Julie has been a vital member of our team since 1993. Although her official title is Corporate Secretary, she is responsible for many elements of [...]
  • pest-stop-sugar-ants

    Customer Question: “Why am I seeing more sugar ants?”

    Initially, there were just a few tiny black ants coming in from the gap in the windowpane in one of the bedrooms. These few ants were scouts. [...]
  • Termites in a colony

    Termites and the Winter

    There is a common misconception that termites die or become inactive during the winter. This is not the case. It is true that as seasons change, [...]
  • Ryan, Pest Control Technician

    Ryan Moore, Pest Control Technician

    Ryan Moore, Pest Control Technician Meet Ryan Moore! He has been a part of our team providing on-site pest control service since early 2017. [...]
  • pest-stop-autumn-spider

    Why does it seem like there are more spiders around in fall?

    Why does it seem like there are more spiders around in fall? With early fall upon us, you may start to see your neighbors hanging festive [...]

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