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While not all spiders pose a threat to humans, we understand they can still be frightening. The exterminators at PestStop Pest Control provide thorough inspections to help identify spider species, provide valuable information, and deliver an effective solution. Our humane and toxic-free solutions are both family and pet-friendly. Curious about what kind of spiders may be found in your home? We can help!

What Are House Spiders?

House spiders can be found in and around your home or garden, and primarily feed on other insects or earthworms. They appear brown and hairy, varying in size depending on if it is female or male. Their color often causes people to mistake them for their more dangerous counterpart, the brown recluse spider.

What Are Brown Recluse Spiders?

Though brown recluse spiders currently don't live in Washington state, our exterminators are still widely knowledgeable on the species. In warmer climate areas, these spiders tend to hide in unused areas of a home, old shoes, sheds and more. Bites from these spiders can often make people sick which is why they are considered more dangerous than the average house spider.

What Are Cellar Spiders?

Cellar spiders, more commonly known as daddy-long-legs, don't pose an imminent threat to humans. They normally find a home on the ceilings of rooms, caves, garages, or cellars. They prey on other small insects, spiders, and mosquitoes.

What Are Black Widow Spiders?

Black widow spiders are a highly venomous spider species found in western regions of the United States. Very few areas of Washington have these spiders, but we are happy to help if one does find its way in your area. They are easily distinguishable from other spiders by locating the red “hourglass” on its body. Despite popular belief, these spiders are not inherently aggressive. Their poor eyesight may cause them to mistake a human finger in their web for prey. Other reasons for black widow bites may be when a spider gets unintentionally squeezed or pinched.

Brown widow spiders are often mistaken for black widows. It differs from the appearance of a black widow in its yellowish-brown in coloration, and the hourglass marking is reddish orange instead of bright red. Though their bite is venomous, it is not as much of a threat as a black widow. They tend to try and avoid human contact at all costs, but when they do bite, they inject considerably less venom.

When faced with a spider resembling a black or brown widow, it's best to contact a professional at PestStop Pest Control to help distinguish the difference and provide an effective solution.

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What Are Hobo Spiders?

An adult hobo spider is fairly large, similar to size as a silver dollar. This species is also one of the few spiders in North America whose bites are considered to be medically significant. The spider’s venom is strong enough to cause considerable local pain. Similar to the black widow, most bites occur when the spider is accidentally crushed or squeezed by a human.

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At PestStop Pest Control, we're well-educated in the appearance, habitats, and treatment plans for many species of spiders. If spiders have invaded your home, or you need help identifying how to remove them, we're the only experts you need to call. 

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