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Adult fleas are about 1/16 to 1/8-inch long, dark reddish-brown, wingless, with firm bodies that are flat and tall, they are not easy to crush with fingers, they have three pairs of legs that permit easy movement between hair, fur or feathers. Fleas are exceptional jumpers, jumping vertically up to seven inches and horizontally thirteen inches and they have sharp-sucking abilities. Flea eggs are smooth, oval and white. Larvae are 1/8-inch long, slim, light-yellow, brown-headed, wormlike, stubbly-haired insects, that are legless.


Fleas are parasites, that need the carotene a protein found in the blood of warm-blooded animals. Humans have perhaps 10% of the carotene that is in fur baring animals and as such fleas cannot survive having humans as their only host. When fleas bite humans, it is usually only a feeding opportunity; they do not have human hosts. Fleas usually enter a structure on a dog or cat and are often left in carpets, gardens, yards, and under buildings.


Less Toxic and Most Effective Pest Control

*We recommend if you have animals that you consult with your vet to determine a safe and effective flea treatment for your pets before treatment.

Chuck Sullivan’s method of application and choice of products is less toxic for your family and pets but eliminates the bug problems.

We use synthetic pyrethroids, a botanical-based material derived from chrysanthemum flowers, which are simply designed to paralyze their nervous system.

To put it in perspective, for example, some flea control products are made from synthetic pyrethoids and are designed to be placed directly on the dog’s skin. The dogs is too large to be affected by the material but is destructive to the much smaller flea.

Therefore, when applied by a trained exterminator, pyrethroids are less toxic for human and K-9 health as well as the environment as they are used in very small doses and often diluted in water or oil. The formula breaks down in the environment, heat, and sunlight speeding this process.

Chuck Sullivan Exterminators provides an All Pest Service Guarantee so you won’t have to worry about fleas in your home or commercial building after treatment has been applied.*

Fleas are INCLUDED in the All Pest Service guarantee. (*One Flea treatment per year at no charge with the All-Pest Service.)