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Rodents don’t need much of an opening to find their way onto your property and start wreaking havoc. It also doesn’t take much time for their population to explode. If you suspect a mouse or rat infestation, don’t waste any time reaching out to PestStop Pest Control. Our rodent control team brings more than 100 years of collective industry experience, and we use proven, advanced pest control methods and products. From Norway rats (brown rats) or roof rats to house mice, we can provide the comprehensive, quick rodent removal solutions you need.

On weekdays we can provide same-day service, and we always offer cost-effective services. For seniors (55+), firefighters, cops, military servicemembers and veterans, and licensed property managers, we also offer some discounts. Don’t wait to see for yourself why thousands of homeowners and business owners have relied on us for their pest control solution. Turn to our rodent control experts in Olympia today.

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Signs & Risks of a Rodent Infestation

Rats’ teeth never stop growing, so they are also filing their teeth down. Mice also will leave gnaw marks on floors, walls, and furniture, and as rodents often find their way inside your walls, they may also be chewing down on electrical wires, which while it’s not an easy sign to spot, can create fire risks. These rodents may also tear away at the wall’s insulation to create nests inside the walls, but any dark spot will do, particularly where there is clutter.

As an infestation grows in size, you may also notice droppings, often behind furniture or in drawers (if it’s rat, these will look like black rice). You might also start to hear rats or mice scurrying in the walls, particularly at night. If an infestation really takes root, you might see a rat or mouse in front of you. Rodents are more than just simply repulsive. They can destroy your property and spread disease. From property destruction and fire hazards to pathogens and parasites, rodents quickly create dangerous situation that needs to be resolved quickly.

At the earliest sign you can, be sure to contact a rodent exterminator. Both rat and mouse infestations are stubbornly difficult to get rid of. Make sure you get time and pros on your side!

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Conditions That Can Cause a Rodent Infestation

Mice and rats alike can be drawn to unsealed food (even pet food), some indoor plants, clutter, and trash cans (especially if they don’t have lids). Clogged gutters also dam up a water source that can attract rats, and leaky pipes can also create an attractive water source to draw rodents indoors. Mice are particularly adept at sneaking onto a property, as they have a foldable skeleton and squeeze into much smaller entry points than rats can. And a cat or other predator pet is often not enough of a deterrent for sneaky rodents. If sources of food and water are scarce, a desperate rat will find a way into your property regardless of any predators around. Once they’re in, rodents reproduce at an alarming rate.

Outdoors, bird feeders, compost, trash, as well as nut trees can draw rodents to your yard. Not only is any form of rodent extermination tricky to be successful thorough with, but when it comes to using rat poisons outside, you may need a permit to use any such products, a permit that pest control professionals can handle no problem.

Get the Rodent Situation Under Control

It takes professional treatments to counteract resilient rodents. Rats are notoriously difficult to prevent from re-infestation, and mice are cunning, able to cleverly avoid bait, traps, and poison. At PestStop Pest Control, our Olympia rodent control techs had the proven tools and advanced technology to provide powerful solutions, even in complex situations, such as a farm infestation.

Ultimately, the best rodent extermination solution is prevention, and we can provide that too. Once we have a current infestation eliminated, we can then complete a thorough cleanup and take preventative measures such as finding and cutting off access points. Wherever you’re located in Western Washington or Oregon, we can provide the lasting solution you need for a rat or mouse infestation.

What Is The Difference Between a Mouse and a Rat?

Mice and rats are small rodents that share many similarities but have some key differences. Rats are generally larger with longer, thicker tails, more elongated heads, and live in larger groups, often burrowing underground. Mice, on the other hand, are smaller with smaller heads, larger ears, prefer to live in smaller groups, and build nests in above-ground spaces. Rats are more cautious and shy, while mice are more curious and bolder. Rats have a more varied diet, while mice tend to be more herbivorous.

Can rats Climb Walls?

In short yes many rodents including rats can climb walls. They are surprisingly very athletic creatures and have great survival instincts. This can be helpful in identifying where they may hide. When you call for rodent control, be sure to express to the exterminator where you have seen them climb to help speed up up the removal process.

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