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How To Find The Queen Ant And Get Rid Of Them


Do you share the home space with the tiny ants? The chances are less to get rid of them once they get into your home. You either have to learn by yourself or take professional pest control services to get rid of ants. Before talking about the general tips on how to get rid of ants, let us know how to find Queen Ants.

Spot a Queen Ant:

The queen of an ant colony acts like the queen of a beehive. The ant starts learning how to build an ant colony after designated as a Queen. Until they are found and killed, their goal is to lay eggs.

Remember that Queen Ants can live up to 30 years as you look for the Queen Ant in your home. They are small but smart creatures. The Queen and has specific characteristics that help you to spot them.

There are two different ways to spot Queen Ant. The first way is by watching the behavior of other ants. Yes, you have to let the worker ants live. They will lead you to their leader. If the worker ants are paying attention, you are in the presence of the Queen Ant.

The other way is to find through the physical characteristics of the Queen Ant. The body is prominent and longer than other ants. They also need extra space to lay the eggs to help the colonies grow. Above all, look at the ant with wings. The wings let them fly from home to start a new colony. After arriving at the new location, Queen Ant shed her wings. Look around each corner of your home to find wing parts where all ants gather. The Queen Ant is a newbie if you spot the wings.

Don’t worry. The bumps on the ant’s body are the stubs of old wings. Look for it. If you find this, you have found the Queen Ant!

Tips on How To Get Rid of Ants

Let us look at some of the tips to get rid of Ants:

Avoid Your Home To Be the Target

Ants are tiny creatures. They have many places to pass-through. It is easy to check the big entry points of your home. Make sure that you check the small corners. Seal the windows, doors, and small cracks by using caulk.

Kill by Human Intervention

The death of the Queen ant and yard occurs due to a variety of chemical attacks. The liquid baits help you to win this war. The borax baits are taken to the nest by the worker ants. The queen ants and other ants will die after ingestion of chemicals.

Kill Ants by Starving Them

First, wash your kitchen once you spot the worker ants. Make sure to seal all the food containers properly. Ants cannot survive by starving. Clean up the bits of food lying down on the floor or kitchen. Make sure to repair the leaky faucet as it will attract the worker ants. Dry any extra water to ward off any ants.

Look for Scout Ants

Ants searching for food sources sends the scout ants. If an ant is looking for food around your kitchen corner, squish it. The scout doesn’t go back to the colony informing about the food sources.

Wrapping Up

While it is easy to imagine a world without pests, the truth is they are more than us. The treatments delivered by pest professionals are the only solution to kill ant infestations, followed by strict adherence. To make sure that ants do not be uninvited guests, you only need to make a call.