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Oh No! Mice in Your Office?


If you want your employees and team to feel empowered at work and perform at their highest level of efficiency, you must pay attention to any factors that might hinder their state of mind. A healthy and hygienic place of work directly contributes to the physical and mental health of workers, and eventually positively impacts the organization as well.

One of the most disruptive elements for any workplace is the presence of mice. It doesn’t matter where your office is located, or what kind of building it is in, mice can show up just about anywhere. Mice are known to thrive within houses and buildings, and in fact, prefer constructed structures much more than living in the wild. While there are many species of mice, most of them choose to live in proximity to humans and protect themselves from wild predators by living in man-made structures.

If you are concerned about mice infesting your office, then you should be observant and regularly look for signs of mice living in your environment. The most common signal that indicates the presence of mice, is a low scratching sound that may come from within your walls or ventilation ducts. You may also be able to hear their sound coming from your ceiling. Apart from sounds, you may notice mice droppings around the area of infestation.

Once you have noticed the presence of mice, here is what you should do:

Close Potential Entry Points

Mice are notoriously flexible and can make their way in and out of your office through tiny holes. Look for possible entry points in and around your office, through which the mice may be entering your property. Be especially vigilant when it comes to ventilation openings, duct ways, or holes made for wires to pass through, as these are all easy ways for mice to enter your workspace.

Don’t Lure Them

Mice have fairly basic requirements as a species. They need a protective environment, some food, and water. If your staff leaves food and beverages unattended, you are likely to invite mice (and many other pests) into your workplace. Apart from this, it is also important to not provide the mice with any source of still water, such as puddles coming out of water leaks. Mice require water to survive and will be attracted to easy sources of water.

Ask Your Housekeeping Staff to Step In

If you have spotted signs of a mice infestation in your workplace, you need to ensure that your cleaning staff is keeping all surfaces free of any edible material. Mice can relish and thrive in spaces that are dirty and have piles of any form of garbage.

Call Pest Control Professionals

If you spot a mouse in your office, seek the immediate help of pest control professionals. Mice are speedy, tiny, and resilient creatures who are incredibly difficult to capture and remove from any space. A pest professional is trained to identify and remove mice without causing damage to your property. The professional will also be able to assess whether the level of infestation, the mice population that is living in your office and can advise you on preventive measures accordingly to avoid any future encounters with mice.