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Flies In The Home


With the weather turning chilly again, bugs are going crazy. They’re freaking out because the time of their ideal environment is coming to a close. They’re running and flying around, hoping to find some way to survive the coming cold fronts. One of these bugs that are the most annoyingly frantic are flies.

The most common flies that will cause trouble in your home are fruit flies, cluster flies, and house flies. They’ll enter your home from doors, windows, garages, and even by hitching a ride on your pets.

Fruit flies can live around any food or spills in your home.1 They are also attracted to garbage cans, sinks, and drains. One of the first things that you need to do to get rid of fruit flies is to deep clean your kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure that any spills are wiped up. Throw away any old fruit and vegetables that are sitting out. Any new fruit or vegetables should be kept in the fridge or stored away from the open air so that the fruit flies can’t find them.

Cluster flies are the ones that fly at full speed into your home in an attempt to escape the cold weather outside.2 That habit gave them their other name: attic flies.3 They’re the ones that annoyingly buzz on your windows and glass doors.3 They aren’t harmful to your health, but they are maddening. The best way to get rid of cluster flies is to set up traps near your windows and doors.

House flies are attracted to decay. They live around rotting fruits and vegetables, feces, and dead things.4 They are also attracted to certain vegetables, fruits, and herbs that you might grow in your garden. Setting up traps is one effective way to remove house flies from your home.5 Checking your property for dead things is an important step in keeping them out of your house. If you have pets, we also recommend cleaning up their feces regularly to cut down on the population of flies.

If any of the tactics that you’ve tried yourself to remove the flies from your home haven’t worked or you don’t want to try any of the DIY tactics and wait for them to maybe take effect, all you have to do is give us a call! We can find the source of the flies, set up traps, spray, and give advice on how to keep the flies from coming back. Call to schedule an appointment to have one of our pest control specialists solve your fly problems.