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Short Guide To Norway Rats


The Norway rat is one of the most common pests in the US. It is also known as the wharf rat, water rat, city rat, sewer rat, common rat and brown rat. Norway rats are also one of the most widespread rodents in the world, being present on all continents with the exception of Antarctica. In this short guide, we’re going to take a closer look at this rat.

Where Does the Norway Rat Come From?

Despite the name, the Norway rat does not actually originate from Norway. It received its name a few centuries ago when the rat showed up in England from Norway, but the rats actually hail from Asia originally. This just goes to show how far these rats have spread, and today, they are found all over the world.

How Does the Norway Rat Live

Norway rats tend to live in nests, which are composed of one or more rat families. They are nocturnal animals, meaning that they are most active at night, but when the population becomes large enough, the rats will also start to forage during the day. The rats will usually set up inside the walls of the home, and from there, they will go to the kitchen to forage for food, using hidden areas to travel and stay out of sight as much as possible. If they have access to enough food, the rats will reproduce inside the home, and start growing in numbers rapidly.

How to Detect an Infestation

When you have rats in your home, you will start to notice several signs. Rats will gnaw on various objects around the home, leaving marks behind, and they will leave their droppings in areas where they are very active. You may also be able to hear the mice at night as they travel through the walls and the various areas of the home. Finally, you may actually see a live rat in the home, but that usually only happens when the infestation is large enough.

How to Control an Infestation

In order to control a Norway rat infestation, it’s best to hire a professional. Rats can be very resilient, and they will usually attempt to resist pest control efforts. A pro will have the tools and expertise needed to ensure that the rats in the home are completely removed. Contact us today for more information on the Norway rat or if you suspect that you have an infestation.