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What Is A Brown Widow Spider?


The brown widow spider, also known as the cobweb spider, entered the US in the 90s and since then it has spread across the country. In terms of appearance, this spider closely resembles the black widow, except it is yellowish-brown in coloration, and the hourglass marking is reddish-orange instead of bright red. It can reach lengths of up to 1 inch, and the males do not have the capacity to harm humans at all.

The Habitat of the Brown Widow

Brown widows like to live in protected, secluded areas around the home, and when they are outdoors, they prefer woody environments with a lot of branches. Like black widows, brown widows prefer clutter when they set up indoors. You could find them in buckets, boxes, inside storage closets, under eaves, and in the clutter inside the garage. However, unlike black widows, they will also be comfortable in areas that are more exposed, which makes encountering one of these widows more common.

The Threats Posed by the Brown Widow

While the brown widow has a venomous bite, and its fangs are capable of piercing the skin, the bite is not as much of a threat as that of a black widow. There are several potential reasons for this, with some researchers speculating that the brown widow actually has a venom that is twice as potent as the black widow’s venom, but it will only inject a miniscule quantity when biting a person. On top of that, the brown widow is timid and will attempt to avoid humans as much as possible. It is only the females of the species that are capable of delivering a painful bite, with the males and immature brown widows not biting at all. However, some people may have sensitivity to the venom, and it’s important to seek medical attention in case you experience severe swelling and pain after a bite.

How Brown Widows Are Controlled

Since brown and black widows are easily confused with each other, it’s best to call over a pest control pro as soon as you notice a widow-like spider in your home. The pro will implement a variety of control and prevention measures that will remove all the spiders and prevent more from coming in. Contact us today for more information about the brown widow, or if you have a brown widow infestation in your home that has to be removed.