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Why Walls Do Not Stop Mice


Mice have a lot going for them. They are small, which allows them to sneak around and squeeze through very tight spaces, they are fast, which allows them to escape danger and travel quickly, and they are athletic, being able to jump many times their body height, swim, and climb vertical surfaces. This is why walls will not stop mice from gaining entry into the home.

What Type of Walls Can Mice Climb?

In order for a mouse to be able to climb a wall, the wall has to have the right surface. Anything that is gritty, uneven, rough or porous will allow the mice to sink their little claws into it. For example, concrete has a lot of tiny air bubbles in it, which create a rough surface that the mice can grip. Stucco, siding, shingles and wood finishing are also excellent surfaces for mice. On top of that, mice will also take advantage of any climbing props, so even if the surface of the wall is smooth, mice can climb it by using the electrical cords or wiring, the downspouts, or any other attached object that connects the ground to the top of the wall. Inside the home, mice are able to travel in the walls, where you have a lot of wood, wiring, insulation and pipes.

What to Do About Climbing Mice

While you can’t really stop mice from climbing walls, you can make sure that they will not be able to enter the home. In order to do this, you will have to check your exterior walls for cracks, gaps, and tiny holes that are wide enough for a mouse to fit through. Keep in mind that mice are very small, so the holes do not have to be larger than a few fractions of an inch. You can then seal these holes using caulk or steel wool. Make sure that you check near the foundation, and near your roof, since these two areas of the home are the most likely to have mouse entry points.

If the mice are already inside the home, you will have to move onto the control stage. For small infestations of a couple of mice, you can set up traps yourself, but if the infestation is large enough, you will need the help of a pro. Contact us today if you have detected the signs of a mouse infestation and we will help you get rid of it.