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Wasp Nest Prevention Strategies


Spring is just around the corner, which means that pretty soon wasp nests will start popping up. Because wasps deliver such painful stings and can be quite aggressive, it’s important to know how to keep these pests off your property. In this article, we’re going to cover some nest prevention strategies that can keep your yard a wasp-free zone.

Check for Wasp Nests Regularly

One of the best ways to make sure that you catch a wasp nest early on, before it becomes a problem, is to perform regular inspections on your property. Detecting and removing a nest early with the help of a pro will ensure that you are not overwhelmed by wasp swarms in the summer.

Check Behind Landscaping

Wasps will build their nests almost anywhere, but if they have a choice, they will choose hidden locations, such as those found behind heavy landscape. If you keep the vegetation in your yard well trimmed, you make your property much less attractive to wasps.

Remove Water and Food Sources

Another great incentive for wasps is the presence of food and water sources. In terms of food sources, you have fruit trees, hummingbird feeders, insects, and garbage containers. Wasps have a diet that consists of protein and sugars, so any food source that can provide these two macronutrients will draw in wasps. In terms of water sources, you can have standing water, or water structures in the home that provide a consistent supply of water. Removing these sources will greatly disincentivize an infestation.

Keep Your Garbage Containers Lidded

As mentioned previously, wasps are drawn to garbage containers. This is because we often throw away sugary foods, drinks and meat into the garbage. To prevent these containers from drawing in wasps, you have to keep them lidded.

Grow wasp-repelling plants

If you have a small garden, you can grow plants such as wormwood, geranium, marigold and mint to repel wasps away from your yard. You can also grow these plants in pots placed around your patio or windows to keep the wasps away from your main areas of activity.

Removing an Existing Infestation

If the wasps have already set up on your property, the safest way to deal with the infestation is to call over a pro. Wasps are very territorial and will attack in swarms if their nests are disturbed. Contact us today if you have a wasp nest that needs to be removed.