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Can A Mouse Climb Walls?


One of the most common mouse questions we hear is: “Can mice climb walls?” Let’s take a look at this question and see just how athletic mice really are.

The agility of mice

Mice are very agile. They can jump up in the air several times their body length. They can squeeze through holes that have the diameter of a dime, and they can walk on wires, swim and, of course, climb on vertical walls. If the surface is rough enough, such as a concrete, brick or wooden surface, a mouse can grab onto it, and then use it to reach the higher levels of a home. They can also grab onto wiring that runs alongside the wall vertically, and then use it to climb it as far up as it goes.

Inside the home, mice might have a more difficult time climbing, since painted walls tend to be smoother. However, they may still make their way to higher levels using a variety of props such as support structures, pipes, wires and insulation, but mice will rarely do this, since they prefer to walk under the furniture and behind appliances because it keeps them hidden. They will only climb furniture in order to reach food sources. They can also use the inside of the walls to climb to the attic or upper floors of the home.

Dealing with climbing mice

So what does this climbing ability mean for you and your home? Basically, it means that when you seal all the gaps and cracks in the home, you have to look at those at the higher levels of the building, not just the ones on the bottom floor. Mice can gain access through the roof, and through the upper windows.

Even if the exterior walls are smooth enough, to the point that mice cannot climb them, the mice might still use wiring, or just from tree branches onto the roof and then gain access in that way. This is why you have to be thorough with your exclusion efforts, and ensure that mice do not have access into the home.

If you would like to know more about what you can do to keep mice out of your home, or if you need help to deal with an existing mouse infestation, we can assist you. Contact us today with your questions or to set up an appointment.