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Do House Mice Bother People When They Sleep?


The bedroom is often our safe haven. Every night, we return to get some rest there. But is it really that safe? We’ve all heard the myths of how many spiders we eat while we sleep, but what about how many mice crawl on us while we’re getting some shut eye? Do mice really bother us when we sleep?

Do mice enter the bedroom?

House mice enter the home to look for shelter and food. Since food is in the kitchen, they will set up near it, but sometimes, the bedroom provides more shelter and is close to the kitchen, so it would make an ideal space for mice. There are also situations in which mice are set up somewhere else in the home, but there are food leftovers in the bedroom, and these leftovers will draw the mice in.

If mice enter the bedroom, will they climb on the bed?

Mice can climb up almost any surface, so the bed will not be some insurmountable object for them. They can also leap up to one foot in the air adding to the options they have to reach the top of the bed. However, the question is not whether they can do it, but are they willing to do it?

Even though mice are shy and avoid people, there are two main reasons they will climb onto the bed. Either it is the fastest route to a destination they want to reach or there is food on the bed. These nocturnal creatures will wait until night time to take the crumbs or leftovers if you are prone to eating food on the bed.

Keeping mice out of the bedroom

The best way to keep mice out of the bedroom is to keep mice out of the home. House mice are dangerous pests to have around, because they carry diseases and create fire hazards through their relentless gnawing. If you have a mouse infestation, working with a best control specialist will ensure that the infestation is removed quickly and completely. Your pest control pro can also offer advice on how you can prevent reinfestations in the future. Contact us today if you have any question about house mouse infestations, or if you want to have mice removed from your home.