Ryan Moore, Pest Control Technician

Meet Ryan Moore! He has been a part of our team providing on-site pest control service since early 2017.

Before moving to Washington, Ryan held a position working with a municipality in public works in the state of Michigan. After a stint working with Chuck Sullivan’s Billy Goat Organics, Ryan and his wife were planning on moving back to Michigan to be near family. Then Ryan realized he enjoyed his work with the Chuck Sullivan crew and didn’t want to miss the camaraderie. So he accepted a position with the extermination service and has stayed in the area. Note: He also doesn’t mind missing out on all the snow and ice in Michigan!

The most challenging aspect of the job for Ryan has been tackling his claustrophobia when he enters crawl spaces. Nevertheless, Ryan has learned to manage this fear, and has found many other aspects of the job to be very rewarding.

He loves that the work lets him interact with a lot of people. He is alert to customer preferences. If a customer just wants the service done quickly, Ryan performs his work quietly and goes on with his day. If a customer wants to talk, Ryan enjoys getting the chance to chat, especially since the three words his friends would describe him as are “very, very chatty.”

One of his goals for his customer service is to treat each client with the same amount of respect as he would give his own parents. He loves when he can brighten someone’s day by getting the job done as perfectly as possible. Although Ryan doesn’t particularly enjoy exterminating, he knows there are circumstances in which it is required. He makes sure to conduct the work as humanely as possible.

Ryan believes that customers stay with Chuck Sullivan because “they trust us. They know we care. We’re not just a big corporate name.” These same reasons are also why Ryan loves working for the business.

After work, Ryan and his wife enjoy listening to live music, especially bluegrass and the blues. They like taking road trips, exploring, and hiking. While they’re hiking, they try their best not to spill their coffee when they chase after their new black lab puppy, Elly Mae, who is named after The Beverly Hillbillies character.

Meet Ryan and all the rest of our incredible professional technicians by giving us a call at (360) 228-3486 and we’ll schedule a free estimate for your pest