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A cockroach infestation can happen to anyone. They are among nature’s most stubborn and fast-spreading insects. Once they’ve moved in, they’re also some the hardest to remove without professional help. If you’ve been battling these bugs without success and just need them gone, call PestStop Pest Control. We’re the authorities on roach removal in Olympia and Western Washington. We know what attracts them, where they hide, where they lay eggs, and how to effectively remove them from every nook and cranny of your property. We’ll also help you understand how to keep them from coming back.

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Do I Have German Cockroaches at My Property?

Cockroaches come in an astounding variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, some can even fly. HHowever, the German cockroach is the most common indoor roach. They are nocturnal insects, which is why you are more likely to see them at night, and they will often be accompanied by an unpleasant smell. They are light brown and about ½ inch in length with two dark stripes on the pronotum (shield). Egg cases are light beige and about ¼ in long with roughly 30 young in each case. Females carry egg cases about 1-2 days before they hatch and can produce eggs every few weeks. This gives the German cockroach the fastest reproductive cycle of all cockroaches. So, if you’ve seen or think you have roaches, it’s important to act fast and call our exterminators as an infestation can quickly explode in population.

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Habitat & Treatment Options

Roaches like warmth and humidity, often seeking out habitats that are 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. They also typically make their homes close to sources of food and organic matter like kitchens, food prep areas and storage spaces. When not scurrying about at night, cockroaches like dark and narrow spaces. This makes many homes and businesses ideal candidates for infestations. 

Treatment starts with observation and inspection. Traps are often used to monitor activity as well as identify the kind of cockroach in need of treatment. From there we can employ a number of highly effective, high quality, professional grade treatments. We offer same-day services Monday through Friday, so you don’t have to deal with roaches a second longer than necessary. Our technicians will also give pointers and preventative measures to keep pests out and prevent future infestations.

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Unfortunately, if you’ve seen one roach, there is likely a horde hiding where it came from. Deal with roaches at the source with one call to PestStop Pest Control. We’ve been in the business for over four decades, and our experienced Olympia exterminators are some of the best in the industry. We utilize the latest technology and methods to get rid of all cockroaches on your property, and we have the results, and 5-star customers reviews to prove it. 

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    “Over the years I’ve used this service repeatedly for pest control services. They usually send a text informing me the day before of a pest service, but I always call them directly to schedule a specific time so I can have my garage and shed open, and ensure that my home’s crawl space is also inspected. My rodent problem is resolved and I encourage others to use Pest Stop as this company provides exceptional service at a reasonable price.”

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