German Cockroach

German Cockroach


German cockroaches are light brown and about ½ inch in length with 2 dark stripes on the pronotum (shield). Females carry egg cases about 1-2 days before they hatch. Egg cases are light beige and about ¼ in long.There are roughly 30 young in each case, and females can produce eggs every few weeks. The German cockroach has the fastest reproductive cycle of all the cockroaches pest. They are nocturnal insects and will often be accompanied by an unpleasant smell.


The German cockroach is the most common indoor cockroach. They like to be in places that are warm (70-75 degrees F) and humid. Feeding on organic matter, German cockroaches like dark and narrow spaces. Food prep areas and storage spaces are particularly favored.


Treatment starts with observation and inspection. Traps are often used to monitor activity as well as identify the kind of cockroach in need of treatment. We, here at Pest Stop, use the highest quality of pest control. In addition to our treatment options, a technician will give pointers on elevating the sanitation level. The cleaner the area is the better managed an infestation can be managed.

Fun Facts

  • Cockroaches are cousins to termites.
  • Young roaches are called nymphs.
  • Some cockroaches can fly, but most do not.

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