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Olympia, Washington is a vibrant capital city with a small-town vibe. Its proximity to Seattle and other bigger cities, low living costs, quality job market, and excellent public transportation make it an attractive place to call home.

Perhaps the capital of Washington State’s biggest draw is its natural attractions, the great outdoors. Olympia boasts beautiful rivers and forests with hiking trails, waterfront parks, and seasonal gardens.

But living among natural splendor means residents have to deal with pesky, dirty, and dangerous uninvited guests like rodents, wasps, and other pests. Fortunately, there’s PestStop to come to your rescue!

The family-founded PestStop team has used the safest and most effective pest removal treatments since 1975 to help thousands of satisfied customers enjoy their outdoor and indoor activities in peace and pest-free.

The PestStop Pest Control team is a family of bug chasers who proudly service the Olympia area. They are so committed to ensuring excellence and satisfaction that they offer a service guarantee.

If you are bothered by rodents, PetStop’s Olympia Rat Control Exterminators team will take care of the pesky problem and ensure you get a night of restful sleep and sweet dreams. The only animals you should be counting are sheep as you drift off to a peaceful slumber. Call today!

Olympia Rodent Control

Have you ever woken up for a midnight snack only to discover that a small furry critter had beaten you to the cupboard? What a nightmare! Or perhaps you have never seen a rat or mouse but are kept up and night from their scratching and climbing through the walls?

The unwelcomed visitors come in various sizes and species, but those most common in the Olympia region are house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats (aka black rats). So which kind of rodent is plaguing your domain, and what can your exterminators do to solve it? First, you have to identify the type of rodent.

House mice typically have gray fur, are small and slender with a naked tail as almost the length of their bodies and prominent ears. Roof rats or black rats look similar but are much bigger. Norway rats are also larger than mice and have close-set ears and shorter tails.

All of these rodents thrive anywhere food is prepared, stored, consumed, or discarded, and their diet is about the same as humans, nibble by nibble.

House mice tend to build nests within walls, furniture, or cabinets, while Norway rats can live outside in burrows near the garbage, crawl space, or basement. Roof rats can climb, so they are more commonly found in attics, multi-dwelling high-rise apartments, and commercial buildings.

Treatment of the issue depends on the level of infestation and will include trapping and removal. Best practices to avoid the problem are to plug up any holes around walls, doors, or radiators and keep all food and trash cans covered and sealed.

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Olympia Wasp Control

While a mouse or rat scurrying from your garbage can or darting between the rooms of your home can be genuinely terrifying, other aggressors lurk outdoors who are sure to spoil a good time and cause severe pain and trauma.

Wasps and yellow jackets strike fear in the hearts of people big and small for a good reason. Unlike bees, they can sting repeatedly, and for folks who are allergic, this can be deadly.

PestStop’s team offers Olympia Wasp Control and Olympia Yellow Jacket Control to enable those fantastic summer nights, memorable backyard barbecues, or kids’ outdoor adventures without the worry of attacks from flying creatures that sting.

Wasps and yellow jackets may at first appear to be honey bees but are more foreboding. The most prominently identifying features are their yellow and black striped abdomens, black antennae, yellow legs, and slimmer shape than bees.

There are two factors about these stinging insects that are most alarming. The first is that their venom releases a pheromone that triggers other wasps, so when one stings or is killed, the others come rushing to their aid aggressively. They can also sting repeatedly.

These aggravating insects form paper nests in the side of homes, buildings, or underground. These dwellings can house between 600-800 yellow jackets.

Caution must be practiced around wasps and yellow jackets at all times, though they tend to be more aggressive in the autumn. This can be a terrifying predicament for those who are allergic to their stings, but the experts at PestStop Pest Control have you covered. The One Year All Pest Guarantee covers protection from these nasty stingers.

Olympia area residents and businesses should contact us today to take advantage of this all-inclusive offer.

    “Over the years I’ve used this service repeatedly for pest control services. They usually send a text informing me the day before of a pest service, but I always call them directly to schedule a specific time so I can have my garage and shed open, and ensure that my home’s crawl space is also inspected. My rodent problem is resolved and I encourage others to use Pest Stop as this company provides exceptional service at a reasonable price.”

    Eddie M.
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