Lakewood Pest Control

If you live in Lakewood, Washington, or the surrounding areas, you may have experienced a rodent or wasp infestation of some sort. If you have noticed wasps, rats, droppings, or other signs of unwanted pests, then it is time to troubleshoot your situation. Not only can these pests be a disruption to your everyday life, but they can also pose health threats to you and your family.

From Lakewood rat control to Lakewood yellow jacket control, PestStop Pest Control has you covered. Our team of licensed professional exterminators is trained to take care of even the worst infestations. Get your home and life back on track by contacting us for a free consultation today!

Lakewood Rodent Control

What has a fuzzy body, a long tail, and will find its way into any hole or crevice it can find? That’s right, rodents. Mice and rats are a massive problem in Lakewood, and if you have become infested by them, you need to take action right away.

Rodents can carry harmful and deadly diseases, putting your family and pets at risk. Additionally, they can cause property damage, defecate throughout your house and inside of your walls, contaminate your food and your food preparation areas, and chew wires, putting you at a higher risk for fires. Take action at the first signs of rodent infestations to keep your household or business safe.

Here are some preventative tips to follow at all times to help deter rats and mice from moving into your home or yard:

Lakewood Wasp Control

Summertime in Lakewood is beautiful and enjoyable, but pool parties and barbecues also bring along the threat of wasps. Wasps are not only an annoyance, but they are easily agitated and ferocious when they attack. Unlike a honey bee, wasps will sting you repeatedly when they feel threatened because a sting does not cause them to lose their stinger. Additionally, they will bite when given the opportunity.

If you or your family members are allergic to bees and wasps, an attack can be deadly. The first indication that you have a wasp problem is to see them flying around in your yard. If you believe you have a wasp problem, do not attempt to treat the nest yourself. Proper equipment and certain pesticides are required to get the job done safely and effectively.

Yellow Jackets are the most common wasps in the Lakewood area, and their nests look like multiple layers of paper thrown together in what looks like a honeybee comb. They create these nests by mixing saliva with woods, plants, and other natural materials and constructing them in obscure cracks and tunnels.

They can build their nests near the soil, underground, or in areas such as your eaves or window frames. Umbrella wasps are another common type of wasp in Lakewood, and they build their grey paper-looking nests in the eaves of homes and other sunny areas. Their habitats look like an umbrella, and they can be highly territorial. A hornet is the third type of wasp that you may encounter.

There are a few things that you can do to ward off wasps from occupying your home and yard. Before the warmer weather of spring and summer arrive, follow these tips to help lessen your risk of a wasp infestation:

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