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There’s nothing worse than pests wreaking havoc on your home. These frustrating creatures are not only annoying but can keep you from feeling safe in your own home.

When pests start making your house their home, you don’t want just any pest control service to assist you. You’ll want a pest control service that is knowledgeable and that the community trusts.

PestStop Pest Control has been a go-to pest control service in Kelso and other areas since 1975. Not only are the exterminators here skilled in effectively stopping a pest infestation, but they’re capable of conducting preventative pest control to ease your mind.

Our technicians are ready to handle any pests that make their way into your home. From rodents, wasps, ants, and everything between, you can trust PestStop Pest Control to eliminate the problem and take preventative measures to keep pests away.

If you currently have a pest problem or are looking for some preventive peace of mind, contact PestStop Pest Control today for your free quote and see how they can help.

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Kelso Rodent Control 

There is something unsettling about hearing the pitter-patter of feet on your floors or in your ceiling. You know it’s not your beloved furry friend, so that can only mean one thing: rodents. House mice and rats can invade your home and cause you not only to lose your sanity, but they tend to leave behind property damage.

If you start seeing holes in the ground or walls, chewed through electric wires, rodent droppings, or hear some odd noises in your walls, you’ll want to call a professional sooner rather than later. House mice, roof rats, and Norway rats are the most common rodents that make your home theirs in Kelso.

House mice and Norway rats enjoy eating the foods that we eat, so you’ll often find their nests in or near your kitchen. Roof rats are the rodents you’ll her scurrying around in your attic. Whether you only have one of these rodents in your home or a combination of all three, the removal process is similar for all three.

The first step in treating your home for rodents is to identify the infestation and any conditions that they would thrive. Our technicians will discuss proper sanitation of the areas where food is handled and prepared and sealing off any rodent entry points in your home. Here are a few things that you can do to help Kelso rodent control:

  • Seal off any known rodent entry points
  • Keep your attic screened
  • Don't leave any cushioned furniture outside for long periods
  • Clear out all debris and junk

The most effective method for rodent control is to trap and remove the pests. Our technicians will set traps in your crawl spaces or wherever the infestation is and maintain control with bait stations.

Keep in mind that trapping and removing the rodents may take some time, depending on how large the infestation is.

Whether it takes a day or a month, our technicians are here for you throughout the process. For Kelso rat control, call the trusted exterminators at PestStop.

Kelso Wasp Control

We have several species of wasps in the Northwest, but the most common are yellow jackets. These flying pests build their nests in holes on the outside of your house or even underground.

These insects elicit fear because they’re able to sting more than once, unlike bees, and their stings are anything but pleasant. They’re even worse for those who are allergic to their venom.

When wasps begin nesting in your home, those nests can have up to 800 wasps inside. That’s more than enough yellow jackets to cause alarm.

One of the reasons wasps are feared, besides the fact they can sting multiple times, is that once they sting once, nearby wasps will become more aggressive.

There’s not much you can do to eliminate yellow jackets on your own, but you can do your best to avoid their nests so that they don’t feel threatened and become aggressive.

If you see that you have a wasps nest on your property, it’s best to leave the treatment to the professionals. You can purchase several wasp killers at the store, but with these aggressive pests, hiring a professional will save you from being stung.

Our technicians will treat the wasp nest directly with pesticides. For Kelso wasp control, you’ll only want the best in the business.

PestStop Pest Control provides an All-Pest guarantee which means if you need additional services after the treatment, they’ll handle it for you at no extra cost. When pests are causing you stress, a trusted professional from PestStop is there to help.

Contact PestStop Pest Control today in our Lewis County office at (360) 506-6033  for your free quote.

    “Over the years I’ve used this service repeatedly for pest control services. They usually send a text informing me the day before of a pest service, but I always call them directly to schedule a specific time so I can have my garage and shed open, and ensure that my home’s crawl space is also inspected. My rodent problem is resolved and I encourage others to use Pest Stop as this company provides exceptional service at a reasonable price.”

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