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Firebrats In Washington | Pest Stop Pest Control


Firebrats are a common Washington insect that are frequently confused for silverfish. These small hexapods are part of the Lepismatidae family and usually range from one to one and a half centimeters in length. There are various characteristics involved in what makes a firebrat such a unique insect.

Firebrats like warmer weather and are drawn toward humid climates. Because of this, firebrats are commonly found in bakeries or near and around boilers and furnaces. These pests like to feed on carbohydrates and starches and are drawn toward dog food, flour and book bindings. For the most part, firebrats can be found in multiple parts of the world and can be found either outdoors under rocks and leaves or, in a similar environment inside where they are then defined as pests. While firebrats are harmless and wreck a very small amount of havoc, they can contaminate food, damage paper good and destroy clothing.

Much like other insects, firebrats can multiply and move fast. Female firebrats start to reproduce between one to four months of life and can lay up to 6,000 eggs in their lifetime. A firebrat’s lifetime spans from three to five years and can be considered mature at only two months old. If you see a firebrat in your home, it is important to get ahead of the problem so they do not increase at a rapid pace. can help with all of your pest-related issues, including firebrats. If you are having trouble distinguishing a firebrat or just need help removing them from your home, give us a call so we can help today.

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