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Where Do Mice Build Their Nests?


Mice are commensal pests that will enter the home looking for food and shelter. Shelter is particularly important for these rodents, especially when winter is around the corner, and in order to reach the warmth inside your home, mice will be extremely clever. Not only will they squeeze through tiny cracks in the wall to get in, once they are inside, they are masters at hiding their nests and keeping them undetected for extended periods of time.

How mice enter the home

Mice can enter any tight space which is even slightly larger than their heads. This is because they have a foldable skeleton which can squeeze down to the width of their skulls. So even the most unexpected small gaps may be wide enough for a mouse to use as an entry point into the home. Mice are also excellent acrobats, being able to jump, climb and walk on electrical wiring, so they can enter the home through any part of the building.

Preferred nesting spots

Once inside, mice will start to build their nest, for which they will use a variety of materials, including textile materials, insulation and paper materials. Their preferred nesting spots are usually inside wall voids, but anything that is hidden and dark will do. For example, if you have cardboard boxes or a lot of clutter lying around, the mice will be able to set up instantly in your home, using the clutter as a ready-made nest.

Getting rid of mice once they set up indoors

Once mice have set up indoors, getting rid of them can be difficult without the help of a pro. This is because you have to be 100% sure that all the mice in the home are dead in order to stop an infestation. A pro is able to use his training, experience and professional tools to make sure that all the mice in the home are removed, and that your home is safe from future re-infestations, with some pest control companies offering prevention services that will mouse-proof your home. Pest control companies may also offer cleanup services after an infestation, making sure to remove all the dead mice, their droppings and their nests from the home. If you have any questions about house mice and their nesting habits or if you have a mouse infestation in your home, contact us today.