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Will Cats Protect Your Home Against Norway Rats?


Cats are very adept at catching rodents. Whether we’re talking about small, agile mice, or large rats, a cat will always come out on top. But is having a cat enough of a deterrent to stop Norway rats from entering the home?

Why Cats Lower the Odds of a Norway Rat Infestation in the Home

Even a lazy cat that lounges around all day will be a somewhat effective deterrent against Norway rat infestations. This is because cats emit certain pheromones which the rats can pick up, and sense the presence of these felines. In fact, the reaction to these pheromones is so strong that the rat immediately turns around and flees the area. However, if the outdoor situation is bad enough, in terms of temperature, or lack of food and water, the rats will still risk being killed by the cat and try to enter the home. When this happens, your cat may be able to pick off a rat here and there, but ultimately, the rats will reproduce very quickly, and the cat will not be able to stop the infestation.

Other Norway Rat Infestation Prevention Methods

If you have a cat, you do lower the odds of an infestation starting, but you do not completely remove them. In order to do that, you will have to address two points – access and food. Rats can enter through very small cracks and gaps in the exterior of the home, and these entry points have to be found and sealed in order to prevent rats from entering the home. When it comes to food, if you deny them access to any food sources, the appeal of the home goes down. Make sure that you always keep your garbage cans lidded, and that all the food in the home, including the pet food, is stored in sealed containers.

Norway Rat Control Methods

If you have a Norway rat infestation, it’s best to work with a pro to get rid of it. A pro will use either traps or poisons, depending on the nature of the infestation, and will ensure that all the rats in the home are completely removed. Otherwise, the mice will be able to repopulate, even if only a couple of them are left. Contact us today for more information on how to prevent and control Norway rat infestations, or if you have a Norway rat infestation in the home that has to be removed.