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When Are Mosquitoes Most Active?


Mosquitoes are more active at different periods of the year than others. In this article, we’re going to take a look at mosquito activity patterns and find out when mosquitoes are most active.

Weather effects on mosquito activity

Various weather conditions will have different effects on mosquito behavior. For example, heavy winds will lower mosquito activity since mosquitoes are not strong flyers. Extreme temperatures will also have a negative effect on mosquitoes, whether we’re talking about very low or very high temperatures. Mosquitoes seem to be most comfortable with temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to humidity, activity will go up during periods when humidity is high, and they will go down when humidity is low. Very low humidity can actually cause mortality in mosquito populations.

Heavy rainfall may prevent mosquitoes from flying, but the resulting humidity and new spawning pools will increase activity. Drought on the other hand will evaporate bodies of standing water and destroy the spawning pools of the mosquitoes, leading to a drop in mosquito population and activity levels.

Mosquito swarms

Mosquito swarms are fairly common and they consist of hundreds or thousands of new male and female mosquitoes to fly out together. This increase in mosquito activity levels is necessary for reproduction. Males and females are attracted to each other based on the sound and frequency of their wing beats, and they mate in the air. This can happen almost immediately after the mosquitoes reach adulthood, and it is one of the reasons why mosquito infestations explode so quickly in population.

Reducing mosquito activity levels

There are several ways in which you can reduce mosquito activity levels. For a limited reduction, you can use one of the many products on the market that target mosquitoes. However, none of these products will be able to actually stop an infestation. For that you will need the help of a pest control pro, who will destroy the mosquitoes’ reproductive capacity, and stop them from multiplying. In order to do this, the pro will target the bodies of water in which mosquitoes lay their eggs. Once the spawning pools are gone, the mosquito population will be destroyed, and if you keep your property free of standing water, the odds of reinfestation are low.

If you are currently dealing with a high mosquito population on your property, then there may be an infestation nearby. Contact us today and we will help you get it under control.