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How To Avoid The Norway Rat


The Norway rat, or Rattus norvegicus, is a rat that is found throughout the world, despite the name. Also despite the name, this species is actually Asian. The name is an artifact of the English language, because the mice reached Britain from Norway.

Norway rats are terrible pests. They not only damage insulation and the wiring of the home, they are also quite capable of spreading dangerous diseases. On top of that, these rats reproduce quickly and are able to survive despite very unsanitary conditions. So how exactly do you avoid getting an infestation in your home?

Keeping Norway Rats Out

The home is attractive to rats because of its temperature, protection against the elements, and the presence of food sources and water. So if you want to avoid an infestation, you have to address these factors and make sure that they are out of the rats’ reach.

Let’s start with the food. You want to remove food sources by keeping your food sealed. However, rats are not very picky eaters, so they will gladly go for your trash in the garbage can. So you will need to make sure that you keep the trash in enclosed containers that cannot be accessed by pests.

The rats will also use clutter to travel through the home and build shelter underneath it. If you have clutter in your garage, attic, or somewhere in your home, rats will look at it like it is prime real estate.

You then want to inspect your exterior walls for any gaps, cracks or holes. Make sure that you seal these, and if there are any soft materials in the exterior of the home, you will have to reinforce them so that rats cannot chew through them. You can also set traps on the outside of your home if there are rats in the area. Any rats that die in the vicinity will serve as a warning for others. Rats tend to avoid areas where other rats have died.

If an infestation has already taken root in your home, you will have to remove it using poisons or traps, or you will have to call over a pro, who can deal with tougher infestations. If you choose to go with the latter option, we can help you out. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.