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Omicron and Mice


There hasn’t been definitive proof of either hypothesis. However, many scientists are unconvinced that omicron could have developed in immunocompromised patients because viruses normally get weaker when they mutate in immunocompromised people groups, and omicron didn’t get weaker.

That’s where the mice hypothesis comes in. Scientists found that COVID can jump from people to animals. They especially saw this in the white-tailed deer population. When they started testing mice, they found that a lot of the mutations that the mice COVID infections had were similar to the omicron variant. That is why many scientists believe that omicron might have been spread by mice. It is also likely that the mice that spread it were wild mice, not lab mice.

What You Need to Know

There is no reason to be extra anxious. The concept of mice spreading COVID is currently just a theory.

The comforting thing is that, even before COVID-19 existed, people knew that mice aren’t safe to have around. It is common knowledge that people shouldn’t have mice in the areas that they live, work, eat, etc.

The solution is to just make sure that your living and working spaces are free of rodents. We can help with this! We’re trained to remove their nests and keep them from entering your buildings. If you see any mice, just give us a call!