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Paper Wasps | When to Call in the Wasp Control Professionals


Have you ever imagined such nuisance pests are beneficial for agriculture? Yes, we are talking about paper wasps. These nuisance creatures tend to attend the backyard parties as uninvited guests. Apart from all this, paper wasps tend to build their nests in the ground holes, posing a threat of stinging to the human habitat. Thus, sometimes it is necessary to remove these pests from inside and outside your home.

What are paper wasps?

You can clearly state the paper wasp infestation in your home because of their open-celled spherical nest structure. They tend to sting a person to self-defense their colonies or nest. However, they also serve a crucial ecological purpose of acting as the predators of other insects.

The paper wasp queen builds her nest by chewing wood fibers converting them into pliable pulp. After raising the first generation, these offspring will be responsible for working as workers, expanding the nests.

With any insect, it is vital to understand how and when control is necessary.

Do paper wasps’ sting?

Paper wasps sting when they feel threatened. Unlike honey bees, which can sting only on one place at a time, paper wasps can sting multiple times. These pests will give an alarm call to the other colony members by using pheromones. Stay calm and avoid panicking or swatting at the paper wasps when they become aggressive.

Consider Co-existing peacefully:

Ask yourself if you can tolerate the presence of paper wasps before making any plans to remove them from your home. These creatures help in keeping plant pests in check, benefiting your landscape and garden. Humans and paper wasps co-exist peacefully. You will feel threatened if some venomous insect is present in your household. You may need to remove them to minimize the risk of getting stung.

Use caution around wasp nests:

You need to take proper control measures if the paper wasps have chosen the porch or the entrance of your house to make a nest. Have a constant check on the eaves, shutters, and other traffic areas in your yard in the early spring. Knock the nest down with the broom if you find their nests in the early spring. Doing so will discourage the queen paper wasp from building a nest in that location.

Never attempt to remove the nest during the day when these species are active. Try to wait till the evening, when they have settled in for the night. You may remove their nests during the winter when the temperature cools down as the pests become lethargic.

Advice on using sprays and calling professional experts:

You can use sprays or chemical pesticides as a last option for any insect removal. Make sure to read all the instructions mentioned on the product and spray it on the paper wasps nests. Do this regularly and check the wasps’ activity.

Do not try to remove the nest or handle the paper wasps if they become aggressive. It is best to call professional experts to remove the pest infestation permanently.