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Everything You Want To Know About Wasps


These insects are the most frightening creatures, especially during summers. One would prefer to stay away from the idea of getting stung by these over-aggressive insects. Getting the signs of wasp infestation and knowing the facts about their lifestyle is crucial.

Let’s peep into some of the interesting facts and see how long does a wasp nest lasts?

When do wasps come out?

One of the most frequently asked questions to the pest-controllers is that do wasps come out of hibernation? It largely depends upon the species and location where the wasps locate. These creatures tend to move with the climate. Artificial light sources tend to wake up the wasps prematurely.

You may see these insects at the end of April or early May. By this time, the wasps’ nests get colonized.

Where do wasps nest?

Before removing the wasp infestation, it is vital to find the sources of a wasp nest. They build their nests generally out of sight to keep them safe from predators.

Wasps build their nests with the wooden elements chewed by them. It takes three weeks for the wasp to build their nest on a property.

How long does a wasp nest last?

How long does a wasp nest last will depend upon the different wasp species? There are two main types of wasp, namely paper and yellowjacket wasp.

What makes them different? Let’s take a look at each variety in detail:

Paper wasps:

If you have comb-like nests, there are high chances to have paper wasps in and around your home. These nests can hold around 20 to 30 wasps. These colonies will die off once the Queen wasp stops laying eggs. The nest will typically last for approximately 3 to 4 months. Wasps do not reuse their nests and die off when the weather turns colder.

Yellowjacket wasps:

These wasps are intelligent but not friendly. These wasps will build their nests far away from human interactions. They develop their colonies in the ground or behind the walls. The nests of yellowjacket wasps will last only for one season.

Do wasps return to the same nest?

Wasps do not reuse their old nests after the Queen flies off. Is it good news for homeowners? Well no.

It isn’t a sign of relief as you can’t predict where they will build their new colonies the following spring. Do not leave an active nest alone as the wasp colony will multiple and expand gradually as the Queen wasps lay eggs.

Each year these fertilized Queen wasps emerge to build new nests for expanding their wasp community. Every year a nest can produce up to one thousand Queen wasps.

Wrapping up:

Getting rid of wasps seems to be easy. However, if not removed properly, you may find these insects in large numbers the following spring. Consulting a professional pest control expert is crucial to remove wasps from your property.