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Introducing Julie


Julie has been a vital member of our team since 1993. Although her official title is Corporate Secretary, she is responsible for many elements of running the office. Her favorite part of the job is helping people get their pest issues resolved as soon as possible. Because customer service is her specialty, Julie likes people and is eager to help. Our good-humored Julie says she struggles sometimes with the continually evolving changes to her job because it’s hard not to do things the “old-school” way. However, to the credit of our wonderful team and our kind Operations Manager, Billy, Julie continues to keep Pest Stop on track with the technological advancements.

When she’s not at work, Julie enjoys spending time with her family. She is actively involved in her church. Since joining a fitness group called T.O.P.S., Julie has become passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and eating right. You can also find Julie enjoying her free time bargain shopping.