Mice are capable of entering the home through very tiny holes in the exterior wall. This means that if you want to prevent a mouse infestation from happening, you have to find any hole that is wider than a quarter of an inch and seal it up so that mice can’t get in the home. But is it enough to seal all the holes near the foundation of the home, or are mice acrobatic enough to enter the building through the higher levels?

Can mice climb walls?

Mice are excellent climbers and they can actually climb vertical walls. This is due to their natural need to climb up trees in order to reach seeds, nuts and eggs as part of their feeding habits. When dealing with humans, their climbing skills help them better invade the home, because if they can’t find a hole or a gap near the foundation of the home, they can climb to higher levels and search there. It helps them go over fences, or reach wires to cross long distances or impassable terrain.

Factors that come into play

Of course, mice can’t work magic. To climb a wall, the surface has to have a degree of roughness to it. For example, a mouse has no problem climbing wooden or concrete surfaces, but it cannot climb on smooth plastic or glass. However, they are quite ingenious when it comes to climbing, and they won’t let a smooth surface stop them from reaching their objective if certain props are available. A mouse can just hang onto a small wire, cord, pipe or any other type of vertical object that is near the unclimbable surface.

What does this mean for prevention and control?

When it comes to prevention, the mice’s acrobatic ability means that you have to look for every tiny gap and crack on the entire exterior of your home and then seal it, because the mice may use it to invade the building. For control, it means that mice are active in any area of the home, because they can travel through the wall to any location they want. As such, you have to find out what pathways mice use to travel in order to find the best location for your traps and poisons. If you have any questions about mouse control and prevention, or if you have an infestation that needs to be removed, contact us today.