Bed bugs get all the attention these days. Silverfish and its cousin firebrat are harmless creatures, but man, they look so ugly. You may spot them in damp places like the basement or under the bathroom sink. If you have spotted in these areas, there are chances you have an infestation, and we have some tips to get rid of them.

Silverfish comes in a variety and are pretty creepy looking. They get their name from their grey and silver shining color.

They have flattened bodies with antennae sticking out. They have all the characteristics of a bug.

Do silverfish bite, or are they harmful?

Silverfish don’t bite or spread any disease to humans. They like to nibble stuff like paper, glue, and other starch items. They don’t create extreme damage. However, they make holes in clothing and other textiles.

From where do silverfish come?

If you have moisture in your house, you are going to find silverfish. These bugs love to live in dark places such as basements. Bathrooms contain high humidity, which attracts silverfish.

How to get rid of silverfish:

If you don’t like to stay with an unwelcome silverfish crawling around your house and want to do something about it, try out the different methods for their removal:

Wrapping up:

These were some of the treatments to keep silverfish away from your home. However, if you face the increased infestation of these bugs despite trying all the above methods, call pest control experts immediately to remove the infestation on time.