Bathroom and Kitchen Flies

Ever wondered why there are flies in your bathrooms or kitchen? They’re not there just to annoy you and they can be easily removed.

The flies that hang around in your bathrooms and kitchen are house flies, fruit flies, and drain flies.

They are attracted to garbage, garbage disposals, dead fruits and vegetables. All of these flies are especially attracted to warm, moist places, which is why they enter your house and stay in rooms with water sources.

Decaying organic matter that is stuck in drains attracts drain flies. They breed in drains and when they age, they leave the drains and fly around your house.

If your house is attracting any of these flies, give us a call and we’ll treat your property. We’ll inspect the areas that the flies are living, make recommendations for what you can do, and then we will use a pesticide if necessary.

Some of the tips we’ll give you to keep the flies from coming back:

  • Wash your produce to make sure there aren’t fly eggs on them
  • Take out any trash as soon as possible
  • Clean your drains
  • Wipe up spills from juice and alcohol quickly
  • Throw out old fruit and vegetable as soon as possible
  • If they come back after you’ve followed these tips, call us at (360) 228-3486 and we’ll come back to your property and treat it again!