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Chuck Sullivan Exterminators has been providing pest control services since 1975 and has thousands of satisfied customers. We use the safest and most effective pest treatment to completely and quickly eliminate pest populations in your home or commercial building.


  The Sullivan family has over 50 years in the pest control industry with over 100 years of combined expertise. Back in 1956 Chuck’s Great Uncle Joe began his pest control career employed with Bruce Terminix of Memphis, Tennessee. At that time the pest control industry was growing quickly due to many discoveries and innovations, especially in termite control. Chuck’s father, Quitman, entered the business in 1960 and began working with his uncle in California where he was then running the Oakland branch office.

Chuck’s father worked his way up and in 1964 became the manager of the San Jose, CA office. Chuck recalls while growing up the topic of conversation at dinner often revolved around pest control. Chuck’s father founded East Area Termite and Pest Control in 1971 and four years later at the age of seventeen, Chuck began working along side his dad. At the time he was one of the youngest certified PCO’s in California’s history.

From Route Technician, to Manager of Terminix in Tacoma, to Owner/Operator of Chuck Sullivan Exterminators, Chuck has been dedicated to using the most effective and reliable pest control methods that the pest control industry has to offer, resulting in thousands of satisfied Homeowners and Businesses over the years.

Meet Our Team

Chuck and Karla

Chuck & Karla

Owners – 40 years

Chuck and Karla Sullivan

Billy O.

Operations Manager/Associate Certified Entomologist
WSDA/ODA State Certified Technician/Certified FAA Remote Pilot 
PCO General & Structural Pest Management

Julie Haberkork

Julie H.

CFO/Office Manager
Just celebrated 25 years with us.

Peter O

Peter O.

WSDA/ODA State Certified Technician
PCO General & Structural Pest Management

Jason C.

Jason  C.

WSDA State Certified Technician
PCO General & Structural Pest Management

Ryan M.

Ryan M.

WSDA State Certified Technician
PCO General & Structural Pest Management